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Koh Samui, Thailand



Samui Goddess was born as a water nymph, lovechild of the Oceans and the Winds.

She inhabits the dreams of all dreamers.

Just kidding, that’s not true…

The legend of Genevieve begins in Belgium when at age seven she watches the movie “Blue Lagoon” and decides she wants to live on an island, careless and comfortable in one’s own skin.

Growing up in her hometown Roeselare she was known to give style and fashion advice to everyone who crossed her path.

She had the touch and feeling for fabrics and always carries a little cloth as a fidget toy. She’s lost without it …. still at present.

In her teenager years she had a preference for bikinis when shopping and collecting her wardrobe.

When she finally found a soulmate who would follow her in her childhoods dream, she arrived on Koh Samui in 1999 a beautiful paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand.

At that time she couldn’t find exactly what she would love to wear in her new lifestyle, so with the support and trigger of her soulmate she started her own brand of bikinis and beachwear, opened several shops very successfully and so in January 2013 “Samui Goddess” was launched as an upgrade of her existing collections .

The name came undoubtedly because of Genevieve’s popularity and admiration on the island for her classic beauty and stylish yet modest presence that brightens every space she enters. The uncrowned queen who makes all her customers look swell and comfortable.